About Katia Bolotin

Katia Bolotin is an award winning pianist, composer, singer-songwriter and motivational speaker who captivates her audiences with personal anecdotes and observations that empower and nourish the soul. Her women’s concerts, not only entertain, but motivate and empower women and girls of all ages and background to embrace their heritage. Katia effectively and creatively delivers the message of the underlying importance for self -growth. Each of Katia’s concerts, lectures and seminars are customized to reach their particular audiences. Katia’s warmth and sincerity make her easy to relate to, as she recounts her own spiritual struggles and challenges. Likewise, Katia reaches out and effectively relates across the wide spectrum of religious affiliations, and practices. She is the originator of One Voice, a program that combines song and inspiration to unify and empower Jewish women to become more aware of their vital role in shaping our people’s future. This acclaimed program has been presented in cities in the United States and in Jerusalem. Her commitment to outreach led her to establish the Cleveland based One Voice Foundation, which promotes and facilitates spiritual and personal growth in women of all ages and backgrounds. She has performed for women throughout the United States and Israel and is a featured lecturer and performer at the annual ATARA Women’s Conference in New York City.  Katia received her formal music training as a graduate of the world renowned Cleveland Institute of Music and holds a Master’s degree in Musicology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The mother of two, she presently resides with her husband in Cleveland, Ohio.